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The Creative Maker Programme

برنامج الصانع المبتكر

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Programme Goals

The Creative Maker Programme aims to contribute to the advancement of creative industries by integrating art with entrepreneurship through capacity building for creatives and artists, providing grants and various types of support specifically designed to build their skills, in addition to specialized practical services to help them develop their businesses 

Programme Offerings

The Creative Maker Programme offers the participants

  • Financial grants

  • Trainings for capacity building

  • Tailored coaching and mentorship

  • Introduction to creative economy strategies

  • Fundamentals of building creative teams

  • Basics of customer engagement and market expansion strategies

  • Networking and matchmaking opportunities ... & more!

Apply today to benefit from the offered support and services to enter the world of creative economy!


Programme Eligibility



All governorates across Egypt


Age Group

From 20 to 50 years old


Creative Sectors

Visual arts, Innovative solutions for filmmaking (CinemaTech), Performing arts, Animation, Creative gaming, Artistic and creative spaces ..

Programme Timeline

May 06, 2024


May 29, 2024

Capacity Building

Jun 23, 2024

Internal Pitching

Jul 28, 2024

Winners Selection

Aug 01, 2024

Grants & Services

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